Patron of The New.

Established in 2011. Since opening its doors April 2011, Patron of The New. has established itself as a destination for those with a discerning eye. One of the most exciting features of Patron of The New. is its lack of formula. It possesses all of the elements of darkly romantic stores that one might find in the Marais of Paris, but also exudes a warm atmosphere by merchandising beyond just the clothing; many of the antique fixtures and lighting objects are available to purchase. Patron of The New. is more than a concept store, though, with almost indefinable versatility, the buyers are constantly evolving and building upon the aesthetic with each season.

Patron of The New. is an elegant lifestyle boutique located in New York City, which stocks coveted international men's and women's designers. The store is located on a quiet stretch of Franklin Street in Tribeca and caters to both fashion eccentrics and lovers of painstaking detail alike, with brands that are treated with cult-like reverence by fans, such as Balmain, Rick Owens, DRKSHDW, Rodarte, Hood By Air, Gareth Pugh, and Alexandre Plokhov.